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 Photo Credit:  Milada Vigerova

Photo Credit: Milada Vigerova

Today I learned...  

  • Just how weak America's electrical infrastructure is. But did you know that the technology doesn't currently exist for major cities to store their electricity? So essentially what we capture we have to use. So it's a constant balancing act of only taking in the electricity that we need. This interview on NPR's Fresh Air blew me away.
  • I always thought that the Mars Curiosity Rover was small (based on the photos). I was very wrong.
  • Last Thursday a group of 15 musicians played for 10.5 hours inside an active volcano. The results were haunting to say the least.
  • Esquire Magazine has a fantastic podcast called The Esquire Classic Podcast. This week's episode features Martha Sherrill's 1999 Esquire essay, "My Father the Bachelor". The essay is read live by a voice over actress, then the host and the writer discuss the essay. In this case, Martha had to talk about her father's many girlfriends that surfaced once he passed away. 
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